Copyright Emmily Shaw 2018

Photography has been around for hundreds of years, and Kodak has been there the longest. Creating products assisting photographers for over 100 years. But as technology progressed they couldn't keep up with the trend.

So for my re-brand I wanted to help them out with this a bit. I wanted to create an intimate photography enviroment for photographers who consider themselfs as advanced photographers to professionals. I noticed that the photo networking options were really slim, so I wanted to create a website and a community that would be exclusive, invite only, or after their portfolio was approved could they become a member.

Have you ever added a image, work of art, or design on a networking site and went back to it latter on in the future and realized you already like it or added it to your favorites? This has been one of the things I hate most about media on the web. So along with the website I also wanted to create something tangible. Along with the site I also wanted to create a K magazine or zine that fetured the most popular or up-and-coming photographers.

Magazine inside of a rubber textured case, with red interior to represent the inside of a dark room.

Kodak film case, changing value depending on the IOS of the film.

Transparent business cards to resemble film.

After interviewing several photographers, most of them said they were inspired to start taking photos because a family member or friend had given them their first camera at a young age. I wanted to create a DIY pinhole camera that a parent can give to their child. As they build it together they will also learn about the science behind photography.

This is also a way to keep film in the digital world.



For all of Kodak's existence they have focused on the masses of everyday people who's "Kodak moment" means capturing the memories, and nostalgic that they can remember forever. What they didn't really target to as much was the professional photographers, so through this re-branding process I wanted to zoom up on those photographers, and cater to them with a new approach.

I wanted to strip away everything extra and create a minimal mark that these photographers could recognize, but the everyday person would perceive as ambiguous.
Kodak re-brand